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  1. Noize Type R simple project

    Really happy with the height. I hate lowering cars, even moreso now that I've gotten older. 255/40/18 will help with the visual height appearance. 265/40/18 will show even less gap.
  2. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    Not really sure what to do other continuing to short shift a bit above 6500rpm. It’s the only car I’ve owned in over 30 years of driving that hits the rev limiter before indicated redline. Lie fixer pic.
  3. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    @Hondata what's up with the stock Honda tune and basemap rev limits? The tach indicates 7000rpm, but it will never get there for me, especially in lower gears. You guys have raised rev limit parameters, but they are high- like 7200 plus. Is the factory limit like 6700 or 6800, or is the...
  4. I tried to test drive a CTR... no dice

    The torque conv. auto kills it a lot here in the USA. Lots of other places in the world, you can get a manual. These things depreciate like falling out of a tree, so that's good to get one used. Reliability has apparently been awful, so I can't overlook that. :(
  5. I tried to test drive a CTR... no dice

    It was a Quadrifoglio that I drove. Although I wish it could be had in the states with a manual transmission option, the reliability is suspect, and the depreciation is high. Speaking of high, I think you are as well. lol. Hellcats (Failcats) are HOT GARBAGE. They are one trick ponies that...
  6. I tried to test drive a CTR... no dice

    I drove an $85,000 Giulia without issue, but Honda dealers are funny about the CTR. I ended up driving a used one before I purchase mine. Mine had been sitting inside their showroom for over two months, presumably having been asked for more than 100 test drives! I did the paperwork except...
  7. How many miles on your Type-R?

    Boostez, I recognize your name from Evom. 10k in 14 months here.
  8. First new car in 13 years - I feel like Rip Van Winkle

    Wait till you connect it to CarPlay or Android Auto. You’ll fall over and die.:D
  9. Got new tires...

    PS4S > OEM >>>>>>>>>> NT555 Nitto is garbage.
  10. Possible issues with Hondata ots?

    More to the story for sure. We just don’t know it. I messaged that guy on Facebook, and got the map and mod info- Hondata basemap used: 93 octane, DP, intercooler, improved throttle response. Modifications installed on car: PRL full exhaust with catless downpipe, PRL intercooler, and intake...
  11. If you had ~$160,000 to spend on a new car, would you buy an Acura NSX?

    NSX is hopelessly overpriced for what you get, IMO.
  12. Interesting thoughts from my friend who was going to buy a Type R

    Absolutely, there’s no way I’d buy a Mustang at this point in life. I have two kids.
  13. Interesting thoughts from my friend who was going to buy a Type R

    Ridiculous. A PP2 GT will just destroy the CTR stock to stock with same driver- it's not even close. I have a good friend with a GT350, and my car is like a toy compared. You sound like a bad comedy Honda fanboy, so please quit posting before this shat shows up on some Mustang group and...
  14. Interesting thoughts from my friend who was going to buy a Type R

    I’d own them in this order: Evo X CTR Golf R Focus RS STI
  15. Civic suspension upgrade for uber driver?

    This quote, as is, is utter truth and the best advice that could be given. So many people waste time and money destroying their cars with springs or coilovers in the name of aesthetics. I’m done with suspension modification, never had a positive result in years of modifying cars, even with shop...
  16. Honda should have made an Si hatch

    I bought a hatch because that’s the only way a Type R comes. I like the hatch just fine, but if the CTR was available as a sedan, I would have bought the sedan instead in a heartbeat.
  17. Price Check Requested: 2018 FBO Type R + Suspension (40K Miles)

    I’m going to set it up with a basic scenario. Check your state, every one is a little different: Dealership grants $28,000 for your trade. Car you want to buy is $52,000. Let’s say the tax rate for an automotive purchase is a flat 7%. In most states, you only pay taxes on the difference...
  18. Price Check Requested: 2018 FBO Type R + Suspension (40K Miles)

    Don’t forget if you trade it in on the GTR, you’ll get the tax credit in most states. Taxes on $28k is no small chunk of change. I fully believe you will net much closer to what you want by parting it out. Especially since you have wheels to sell on top of all this! As someone who has traded...