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  1. CoVID-19 Isolation? Start your Civic

    Any response? I still haven't driven my car in about two weeks though so I should drive it today.
  2. CoVID-19 Isolation? Start your Civic

    Why can't we disconnect the negative lead from our car batteries if we're really not going to drive them for a few weeks?
  3. New Brakes Needed

    Aw we should have asked you to take some pictures on your job. Great to know you did that though!
  4. New Brakes Needed

    I changed the brake fluid and also put in those return springs on the front brake and it feels better. My brake pedal isn't as squishy and I did a test emergency brake at 35 mph and it was very good! I'm happy with my brakes ah!
  5. New Brakes Needed

    Thanks. Going to do the job now. Also going to change the brake fluid now since I didn't do that before either.
  6. New Brakes Needed

    OH. You mean the springs I DIDN'T install? Crap. Okay I'll do that soon.
  7. New Brakes Needed

    Do you know what's odd? I now have this really ugly creaking noise when I come off the brakes now after I just changed them. Kinda like how it sounds when your brakes are wet. Normally this is a quick thing but this can actually be drawn out and you can even brake in a nice sweet spot where all...
  8. New Brakes Needed

    Sure thing. I might as well do it today since I'm not doing anything special lol. Thanks!
  9. New Brakes Needed

    I actually didn't use my "V" springs that came with the brake set. I found them too difficult to put on as the brakes would just fall out of their housing before putting on the caliper. I figured that older cars didn't need the "V" spring, I opted not to use it in my change. I hope I'm not...
  10. How to check windshield washer fluid level?

    Same. I'll get some tomorrow and have fun filling it up.
  11. How to check windshield washer fluid level?

    Looks like the Canadians have that over us. Boo. But yeah just add until the top. No biggie, OP. I should probably fill mine up now that I think about it.
  12. New Brakes Needed

    I changed my front brake pads yesterday (first time doing so! It was fun!) and I used this video as a guide. I got one of those caliper wind back toolkits from Amazon, and I'll be honest, I still don't really know how to properly use it. I ended up making it work though so I am happy. I got my...
  13. Brake Fluid change and testing tools

    I replaced my brake fluid in June, so I have experience if you want to DM me! I also posted in some Brake Fluid change topics here too.
  14. South Florida :)

    I'm currently getting my battery replace at Rick Case Honda. I wonder what my car will do with this new battery.
  15. South Florida :)

    I'll be on the lookout! I go to Nova Southeastern University and usually take I-595 and I-75 if you're ever on those roads.
  16. South Florida :)

    There's someone with a Type R at Nova Southeastern University. I'm quite jealous!
  17. Maintenance minder question (brake fluid)

    Are we allowed to use DOT 4 brake fluid when our system is rated for DOT 3? Also, that does not sound normal. I would have definitely taken pictures and went to a dealership to tell them about the issue because it sounds like a factory problem?
  18. The Oil Thread

    So here is both of my oil analysies! One is of my engine running Mobil 1 0W-20 EP, the other is 'virgin' 0W-20 Amazon Basics Full Synthetic oil.
  19. How to change Transmission Oil on 1.5T CVT

    What exactly do you mean by a "jerky" transmission?