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  1. Front Strut Tower Bar Survey

    literally a 15 minute install bc I own a set of rhino ramps. prolly like 20 minutes with jacks/stands. lol
  2. Front Strut Tower Bar Survey

    I actually installed the FK8 subframe brace about a month ago. Car feels more planted
  3. Front Strut Tower Bar Survey

    My local autozone had it. DEI protect-a-sleeve kit, but I couldn't tell you what size I got. It was like $20-25. I double sleeved the fuel purge line for a bit of extra abrasion resistance, and just a single sleeve on the negative battery line
  4. Front Strut Tower Bar Survey

    1.) DC Sports strut bar (p/n CSB5532). Got it bc single piece construction and good price. 2.) Only complaint is the hose/wire wrap they include is pretty shitty. I swapped it out for some thermal heat wrap to protect the negative battery cable and fuel purge line from any potential damage...
  5. WTF is this red light?

    quite possibly. lol According to this thread, Si/Sport/ST/R have red lights, everyone else gets a blue one
  6. WTF is this red light?

    ambient accent lighting
  7. Die cast/hot wheels/matchbox?

    I got my '18 hatch November 2017, didn't get a keychain.
  8. *****WIN TURBO INLET PIPE Serial #01-001 *****

    Entered! You guys are awesome for doing this!

    PM incoming for the roof garnish
  10. FS: OEM gloss black grille

    Ah shit. Forgot to update. So, yes, it is still available. However, I won't be able to get to it until May. If I remember correctly, all the front grilles between coupe/sedan/hatch are all interchangeable. Currently moving, so we had to temporarily move into an apartment for a few months while...
  11. Mods for Honda Civic Ex tL?

    I most definitely referenced that post on my install. Had a ruler and masking tape out just to mark the spot. I was worried about having it all crooked and stuff. lol
  12. Mods for Honda Civic Ex tL?

    btw, if you're anal retentive about placement looking as stock as possible like I am, this post has measurements for where to put it in the last picture.
  13. Mods for Honda Civic Ex tL?

    I don't have any straight on shots like @jorus posted up, but here's mine. I paid a bit extra to get it cut on reflective white vinyl
  14. Mods for Honda Civic Ex tL?

    I know you didn't ask me where to get 'em, but I hit up @Siqc Cafe for the sideskirt decal set I have on my 2018 Hatch
  15. short ram with air box

    you talking about something like 27WON's setup?
  16. FS: OEM gloss black grille

    You can always buy this one and flip yours on eBay. Haha
  17. What does the Sport Sedan have that the others don't?

    The sport coupe/sedan doesn't have the 1.5T. Instead, it's equipped with the 2.0 N/A engine. It's just... "sportier" with its center mount mini-HDMI exhaust, I guess. Prolly some other cosmetic things, but nothing major.
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    check out the lights on the bumper
  19. FS: OEM gloss black grille

    Bump. price drop
  20. 2017 Sport Hatch Diffuser/Rear Spoiler

    It was one of the things I brought over from my old car, but back then, it was suction cup mounted to my windshield. Can't quite remember where I got it from, exactly, but 90% sure it was amazon. I know I got the ball mount from amazon, for sure. It's a RAM X-grip mount, and I swapped out the...