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Civic LX-P
Crystal Pearl Black
AVS Window Visors
IkonmotorSports Type R Replica Spoiler
_Ski_Productions_ Custom Duck Bill
_Ski_Productions_ Custom Canards
CWSpeeding Custom Carbon Fiber Hood
BMSpec Type R Splitter
Downforce Solutions Diffuser V2 'Evil Fin' Design
Aeroflow Dynamics Side Skirts V2
Chrome Delete Kit
American Modified J's Style Grill
3D Printed Front Emblem Mount
5% OmniqueTint Vulcan Red & 20% Windshield Tint
Premium Auto Styling Red Reverse Tint + Overlay
No Good Racing Banner
Aerocatch Hood Pins
Retrofit RGB Custom Honeycomb Lens Headlights
NRG Carbon Fiber License Plate
Carbon Fiber Eyebrow Trim Cover
'VTEC WYA' Custom License Plate
Mugen Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers
Rising Sun Decal on Spoiler Winglets
Red Honda 'H' Badges Front and Back
CCIYU Splitter Rods (for splitter & spoiler)
Tinted Side Markers
Side Marker TintCivic Reverse Cut Decal from JetsVinyl
FolconRoad Faux Antenna Cover
Rear Faux Vent Custom Replacement
Turbo 10th Gen Carbon Fiber Shift Knob for CVT
NRG Red Bucket Driver & Passenger Seats
Planted Seat Brackets Driver & Passenger
Gutted interior (carpet, door panels, center console, trunk/spare tire, etc)
Juan, the Nitrous Holding Skeleton
KTuner Driver Side Vent Mount

The following are Carbon Fiber Trim Covers:
Driver Tachometer
Dashboard Air Vents 1
Dashboard Air Vents 2
Fog Heater Vents
Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim & Cover
Heat Wrapped RV6 Catless Downpipe for K20C2 (non-turbo)
Invidia N1 Catback Exhaust
FKXRacing Ram Air Intake Prototype Kit + my custom silicone routing
Factory Intake Resonator Delete
Engine Bay Side Panel Covers
Boomba Battery Tie Down
Battery Tray Removed
PRL Oil Cap
Boomba Type A 1.3 Bar Radiator Cap
ZEX Wet Nitrous Kit with bottle heater, purge, and control module (finishing wiring - 35-75 shot to start)
Custom Paint Job on Some Engine Bay Components by me
KTuner V2 Base Map (Throttle Response II & Code Disables)
Custom Tune TBD
F1R 18 Inch Rims 18X8.5
Staggered Wheel Setup: 245/40/18 Front 225/40/18 Rear
StanceMagic Lug Nuts
Calipers Painted Red
Tire Letters (Nankang NS-25s/Road Hugger)
Godspeed Coilovers
Boomba Rear Motor Mount CVT
Cusco Front Sway Bar
Takeda Purple 4 Point Harnesses
Rear Crash Bar Removed
RGB Interior Illumination
KTuner V2
Nitrous Purge & Kill Switches
This car's been through an incredible amount of changes. It started off as a try hard rice bucket. I learned from my ricey ways and have since updated it to what you see now. It's not perfect and I still have so much planned. Since money is always the limiting factor, I'm picking and choosing what mods make sense and plan for future mods from the list I have going.

It's got about 30,000 miles on it and hasn't given up on me yet (except when I left my lights on one time). It's not fast at all but it certainly is quick. It absolutely loves the bends and can take them exceptionally well. I work on it almost daily doing small touch ups here and there.

The plan is to finish the nitrous, get a pair of slicks and skinnies in the rear and see what it runs in the 1/4mile. I plan on making it a track car however since 4cylinder FWD cars aren't great with the drag strip (Yes I know they can be but I daily this so it has to be semi-reliable).

I had no idea about the new Hondas and really that much about cars before I bought this. I broke my shin skateboarding so I had to pick a new hobby. It ended up being cars; all cars domestic or import. Crossovers are abominations and electric cars are stupid so that landed me with this Civic. Thinking that 2.0 > 1.5, I decided on a LX-P and got an amazing deal on one brand new. I eventually got to the point of no return with the mods I've done so I decided I would be the 2.slow underdog. Now I tell the 1.5Ts when I beat them to trade it in for a 2.slow because I was told to just trade it in if I wanted power. The L15B's aren't great engines so I'm happy with my choice of K20C2 power even if it is a CVT.

Depending on the oiling situation differences between the K20C2 vs K20C1, I might just build this platform out with some custom parts and see what it can handle. Obviously slapping a turbo and calling it a day isn't plausible with the ECU unable to make use of the extra air, so I may build it for spray and lots of it. The goal was 500hp with this chassis but realistically I'm thinking 400hp with enough spray and weight savings to make it compete with cars well above it's displacement and power. Lots of work will have to be done to get it there like the intake manifold rework, pistons, rings, valvetrain, rods, oil issues, and of course the CVT will implode so something will have to be done about that.

We'll see what the future holds for us and so if you've gotten this far thank you for taking the time to read about my build!

Feel free to follow the build on Instagram: @Civic_Rob if you want to see more.

Next mods going in:
Weld In Roll Bar + Harnesses
Front & Rear Faux Vent Opening + Mesh
Removal Spray Sound Deadening on Body
Mount Nitrous + Wire + Plumb
Chassis Mount Splitter
Paint Radiator Black
Intake Gold Tape Wrap
Heat Wrap Downpipe

Future Mods:
Carbon Fiber Fenders + Trunk
Exhaust Tip Relocate
Diffuser Additions
Custom Taillights
Custom BMSpec-Inspired GT Wing (Or BMSpec GT Wing)
Rear Bumper Cut + Chassis Mounted Diffuser
16 Inch Enkei RPF1s & New Tires
Custom JE Pistons + Rods (maybe) for bigger nitrous shots
Bars + Braces from Custco
Camber Correction Kit
Paint Inner Hood + Open Vents
Fender Exit Exhaust (maybe)
New Front Bumper
E85 Kit
Wire Tuck & Throttle Body Coolant Bypass
Battery Relocate
Smaller Battery
Manual K20C2 Swap or Engine Swap (Will be going K24A2 + K20A2 head if going this route)
Brake Ducts
Hood Struts

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