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Civic Type R
Really Rally ‘REDiculous’ Red
Two Leader Turb-ohh
6 manual speeds, +1 backwards
No such thing, 21 mode combos vs. 3
Decal striped hood, ASR CF red-throat scoop, eyebrow, PPF tint headlights & yellow LED car outline cornering lights, tinted fog lights, R inlay front wheel vent emblems, rear fender vent deadspace decal, blackened Civic rear badge, mini-spoiler added to lower rear spoiler, Four ZL deluxe splashguards, Honda window vent shades, CivicX window trim decals monster emerging from rear bumper decal, 93 Octane sticker, Be Ready N’burg decals drivers & passenger dash panels, buckle up decals, Canuck style red VTEC Turbo sticker on hatch glass, dealer tinted windows, CF side mirror mount decals, progressive striped side mirrors, matching full body side Type R stripes,, Type R license plate frame and personalized Type R vanity golf plate, tuner and wake dragon trunk decals. OPT7 tail lights, beware of emerging trunk monkey! Roof Honda Racing decal. Full DIY paint correction. Avalon King Armor Shield IX ceramic coating, Glass has CarPro Flyby Forte. Caruse rear spoiler extension, Seibon front wheel carbon fiber side vents with matching R cutout carbon fiber silhouettes.
Manicci Premium black Diamond red stitched custom floor mats. Raceseng custom Stratos Alcantara cover shift knob and extension along with Overland red Alcantara boot, Overland Alcantara red center console side trim, instrument hood, red A-pillars and Sweidit center console side bolsters w/CF lid cover (Now covered with red Alcantara) charcoal dash mat, red door switch panel covers, red tweeter trim ring & panels, and A/C control red rings. Type R dash emblem, CF steering wheel trim, Blendmount & Escort Redline360 detector and M1 dashcam, Tri-view blindspot mirror, 4 Type R seat belt pads and Type R CF door thresholds. R red CF striped seat backs, red dome lighting, white spots, LED throughout, red charging pad, infotainment glare cover/protector, red center console elbow pillow topper (under Alcantara) console tray organizer, Noico foam and butyl 2 layer soundproofing under rear floor. Rear center console red trim, Honda driving gloves, Takara Tomy 1/64 scale model Type R on right side of drivers center vent. Trunk Monkey release button on Emergency Flasher. Stainless steel Type R dead pedal. Customized production number double-thickness Type R heel kick plate. Center under dash aux red lighting, hidden USB triple ports, red 90 degree iPhone charging cable and cupholder phone tray, black Type R charging cable. Type R stainless door handle recess plates, red tweeter surrounds front and rear. Velcro bottom Detailing bag, Honda Type R cargo tray and rear seat back/floor protectors. Center steering wheel controls red inlay gap trim, Cup Holder Hero interior set. Specially labeled dead buttons throughout. Custom fit window shade. Red dash gauges surround and red padded Alcantara center armrest. Red aluminum doors-mirrors-locks switch covers, Red Honda door latch covers. Red facia center, left, right, and defroster side vents. Red CF H emblem steering wheel inlay, red H back of center console. CF glove box latch trim with Alcantara latch inlay. Ignition switch H-decal. Fire extinguisher (real and stuffed one), Honda First Aid kit. Eject & Remove Before Flight visor flags. Driver door pull tow strap. Red aluminum brake, mode, switch covers (Chilling mode vs Comfort). Metallic inlay decal bottom center of steering wheel on Alcantara, Raceseng shifter extension.
AWE TRACK triple black chrome tip exhaust (can you hear me now?), JLT PCV oil catch can, side panel engine bay covers, hood covers, twin hood struts (no prop rod!), Red silicone coolant kinky hoses, Kyrorad dual core aluminum radiator, Red Brembo brake reservoir cover, production number ID plate under hood at latch. Spoon silver oil cap. Includes optional second gear intermittent grinding transmission with fourth gear lockout feature. Ballade Sports one piece red splatter finish strut bar.

PRL full bolt ons:
Intercooler - powder coat black, Red R stencil
Intercooler Charge Pipes
Catted Downpipe - black Cerakote
High Volume Intake - street version
Turbo Inlet Pipe - powder coat red
Perrin Rear Motor Mount Insert
(Re-tune pending)
Someday Race Chip will release a Type R kit like they did for the Si, count me in.
Dash Commander monitor via ODBII (WiFi).
PM me about +81 WHP.
TSW Interlagos 19” x 9.5” matte dark gunmetal wheels, +41mm offset, custom red pinstripe and red center wheel cap, red Monster racing lugs & locks. Goodyear 255/35-19 Eagle Exhilirate All Season tires (Consumer Reports #1 wet), nitrogen filled. Power Stop performance ceramic/metallic brake pads. Red valve stems with Type R caps. Three Type R inner rim decals per wheel. ASR carbon fiber H badges front & rear matching read throat carbon fiber hood scoop.
Eibach Pro lowering springs DRL .8-1”. Ballade Sports one piece steel front strut bar, Boomba strut tower caps.
21 Performance combos possible, not 3.
Dash Commander, Escort M1 Dash Cam, Escort Redline360C Radar Detector/wallet preserving GPS and threat directional feature. Red wireless phone pad charger. Heads Up Display.
New Oct 2019 from ATL, Honda’s best car ever!
Highest smiles per gallon of any FWD hot hatch. CTR: It’s MY turn, grade me on a curve, I dare you. What chicane? Repeat winner of Best of Show in my garage and Modern category car show winner May 22, 2021 in FWB, FL.
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