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Lil Yoda

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  • 2016 Civic EX-T energy green pearl, premium stereo, Moon roof, seat warmers, dual zone climate control, factory installed spoiler.
  • 18 NS Rims 225/45/R18, LED headlights (high and low beam), LED switchback front turn signals, opt7 aura interior lighting, 25% tint all around.

    Soon: plastidip all chrome, front lip.
  • Mishimoto intake (soon to be installed), Hondata ecu flash.
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  1. cthelisma
    Yes those rims are nice! What kind are they? Any effect on the drive?
    1. NickDawg41

      They're 18" NS 1502 with Khumo ps31 225/45/R18. They are a bit heavier than stock. I may be crazy, but i feel like acceleration has been a little sluggish since i installed them, but i like the look and i don't plan on racing this thing . :p
      NickDawg41, Jan 23, 2017
  2. mi_cols
    Looks awesome! I'm a huge fan of the Energy Green. They've had one sitting on my local lot for months as I live in a rather conservative area. I just wish it wasn't coupe only :/
  3. CivicLX2016
    I really dig them wheels
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    1. CivicLX2016
      You should get a vanity plate KYLMPI

      Key lime pie ;)
      CivicLX2016, Jan 1, 2017
    2. NickDawg41
      Haha that's great! I already got a vanity plate coming.
      NickDawg41, Jan 2, 2017
  4. mathew62
    Love those rims!!
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