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2016 Civic EX-L WOP

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    Civic EX-L
    White Orchid Pearl
    1.5L Turbo
    RED front/rear/steering wheel JDM emblems
    TURBO side skirt decals
    6000k LED interior/trunk lights/side marker lights
    4300k fog lights
    Window tints (25% front/5% rear/5% visor tint)
    OPT7 6000k LED low beams
    JDM clear side markers
    MUGEN smoked window visors
    RED MUGEN oil cap
    CARBON FIBER rear diffuser
    Rear window roof visor
    Chrome handle covers
    CARBON FIBER door window lift cover
    CARBON FIBER steering wheel cover trim
    CARBON FIBER rear bumper reflector trim
    CARBON FIBER fog light cover trim
    Reverse light tint 25%
    Ikon Motorsports GT style front lip
    GLOSS BLACK vinyl roof wrap
    F1 style 3rd brake light
    Seibon Carbon Type R wing w/ CARBON FIBER
    RED Password JDM hood spacers
    RS Grill
    Front Aero kit
    Ikon Motorsports CARBON FIBER side skirts
    RED MUGEN engine button cover
    CARBON FIBER center gear switch panel cover
    RED A/C SYNC button cover
    RED LED floor lights
    RED Bride headrests
    Injen SP Series Short Ram Intake
    Dual DC Sports mufflers
    Resonator delete
    Boomba Racing BOV
    Hondata Reflash
    18" GLOSS BLACK ESR rims with GOLD accents
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  1. Flipdawg13
    Great looking car man...just curious though, why does your hood look like it's not seated properly in the back by the hinges?

    Nevermind, I know why now.
  2. AngryECW
    Nicely done!!
    What's the offset / specs on your wheels? Thanks!
      johnnytavani thanked this.
    1. johnnytavani
      18s x 8.5 with +35 offset
      johnnytavani, Jul 11, 2017
    2. AngryECW
      Perfect! I'm looking at a set of rims with similar specs
      AngryECW, Jul 11, 2017
  3. Farah487
    Is it possible to get a link for the rs badge? Would love to put it on my coupe.
  4. Bliiiss
    Great transformation bro. How long did it took you to get to that point?
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    1. johnnytavani
      About a year brotha
      johnnytavani, Jul 11, 2017
  5. sd8ted
    Love the car bro! Wheel specs?
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    1. johnnytavani
      18s x 8.5 with +35 offset and 245s
      johnnytavani, Jul 11, 2017
  6. izzyC-EX
    Cool Mugen Start Stop Ring... where can I get it?
  7. andyboyd102
    Looking SHARP Johnny!!!! I wish I would have went with that spoiler, SHARP!!!
      johnnytavani thanked this.
  8. PuertoFreakin
    I definitely have to know where you were able to find that spoiler! I've found the full carbon one but I like that 2 tone where the bridge of the spoiler is either carbon or black (Cant quite tell) and the supports are painted. VERY good looking! Let me know where you got that. Id love to know if that mounting angle would work on the Hatch! Thanks!
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    1. johnnytavani
      I don't think they've made any spoilers for the hatch yet bro maybe once the Type R comes out. And yes the center of the spoiler is real carbon fiber
      johnnytavani, Mar 25, 2017
  9. supreme604
    dam looks clean. is it stock ride height? Also, what did you use for the red line on the front grille?
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    1. johnnytavani
      Yeah it's stock height I just have big tires lol as for the red strip I forget where I got it
      johnnytavani, Mar 23, 2017
  10. Makak
    Hi can you help me where did you buy your rear wing
    , i want one ! please tell me.
    1. johnnytavani
      They should be on eBay now
      johnnytavani, Mar 25, 2017